Insurance FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common insurance questions we get.


Q. How does your company assess my insurance needs?

A. Our staff of insurance professionals takes the time to talk to you about your personal and family situation, and your financial goals. We represent the best insurance carriers, and we can tailor coverage to fit your needs.

You can schedule reviews of your coverage at any time, especially if your situation changes. We will always find the best products to fit your insurance needs.


Q. Am I covered if I loan my car to someone else?

A. Auto insurance usually “follows the car”. Under most policies, your vehicle is covered if you allow a friend or relative to drive the car. You do not need to explicitly state your permission; the other person only needs to have a reasonable belief that they have your permission. However, the best way to know what your policy specifically covers is to review the policy itself or ask us to review it for you.


Q. Does my homeowner policy cover my possessions when they are not in my house?

A. A standard homeowner’s policy covers 10% of the limit for Coverage C of a homeowner’s policy, or $1,000, whichever is greater. This coverage is useful for protecting you while you travel. It also applies to covering your son’s or daughter’s possessions when they go off to college. There is no limitation for property carried on vacation or stored in a storage unit (except whatever the contents limit is on the property).

Check with your insurance company directly to see the details of your Homeowner coverage. Or ask one of our Hill & Stone professionals to assess your property protection/replacement needs to determine if your present coverage is adequate.


Q. What should I consider when shopping for insurance?

A. A few things to think about:


Q. How can I lower my insurance rate?

A. Here are some simple ways:

Customer Comments
I have been with Sexton Insurance for about 3 years. I've referred a number of friends and family many who now have insurance through them. When I first went to Doug I saved around $400.00 a year without losing coverage; as a matter of fact he was able to add MORE coverage for me!
- Rob G.
Des Moines, IA